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Dear Clients;

Thank you for coming over to our webpage. Clicking the link was a smart move on your part. It shows the hunger in you to know more about our exhibition and we are more than happy to share with you on how you can achieve success by utilising our exhibitions.

MegaXpress International Pte Ltd has been the front-runner of exhibition organising for the past 19 years since the year 1998. We have the experience and the know-hows when it comes to giving our clients the best service in exhibition participation.

We Are The Best In Our Trade

Offline marketing is a very important aspect in your business development. When offline marketing is aptly combined with the correct online selling structure, it will create maximum exposure and an impactful brand awareness that your business needs. No other platforms can provide the most exposure like an exhibition could and that’s the reason why big companies and MNCs are using exhibitions like no other as the ideal platform to reach out to their clienteles.

If big organisations and Multi-National Companies dealing with millions and billions of net sales are using exhibitions to their advantage, why shouldn’t SMEs and start-ups like yourself too follow in their footsteps? Just imagine, if you so decide to partake with us in our exhibitions, these are the benefits that you would gain…

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • Attain first hand response information directly from your customers
  • Achieve the visibility and exposure that you have been craving for
  • Generate income from the selling of your products and services
  • Garnering leads from the huge number of visitors that came down to follow up later for conversion to sales
  • Networking with fellow business owners as an option for B2B collaborations and partnerships

…And that’s just for starters!

It sounded SURREAL, but these are exactly what our regular exhibitors have been achieving and why they have been faithfully supporting us throughout our many exhibitions over the years.

And Not Only That, But:

  • We advertised heavily in newspapers and dailies like Berita Harian, Berita Minggu, Lianhe Wanbao, Lianhe Zaobao and The Strait Times
  • We worked closely with radio channels like WARNA 94.2FM and RIA 89.7FM by offering our exhibitors live roving report, interviews and many more new and interesting programmes
  • We provide our exhibitors time slots on stage to conduct brand awareness talks, demonstrations, competitions and many more
  • We are diligent in our social media campaign by consistently investing in FB ADS and instagram postings

As they say, talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words. Take action now!

So as to achieve that branding, we provide our exhibitors with booth spaces for them to display their products and showcasing their services.

The different booth sizes are as below:

1) 4m x 3m (12sqm) : S$3,700.00 for 4 days

2) 3m x 3m (9sqm)   : S$3,200.00 for 4 days

3) 2m x 3m (6sqm)   : S$2,700.00 for 4 days

Each booth will come in what we call, Shell Scheme Booth System which will include the following inclusive in the package:

a) Laminated wall panels

b) carpeted flooring

c) Fascia Board with your company name on it

d) 13amp powerpoint

e) Information table with 2 chairs

f) flourescent lights


Be our EARLY-BIRD purchasers and gain attractive discounts!

Enjoy up to 10% discount from your booth purchase
Bonus #2: Opportunity to have you corporate logo on the stage backdrop
We offer you the opportunity to sponsor samples of your products to be inserted in our goodie bags to be given to visitors.
Bonus #3: Enjoy discounts in Berita Harian advertisments
Get discounts by advertising with us in Berita Harian and enjoy a FREE editorial page apart from the advertisement page.

Exposure, exposure and exposure. That should be the objective of every participants in our exhibition. With good exposure, comes good brand awareness and with good brand awareness, the products and services sells easily. Good income generation only comes with good branding and that is exactly why our exhibitions are ideal platforms for you to utilise.

Remember, our booth rates starts from S$2,700.00 to S$3,700.00 for 4 days. Book early with us to avoid the disappointment of not getting the booth location of your choice.

With proper online marketing, you will see from your very eyes, the responses that you will received at the exhibition.

Yours Sincerely, M.Fadzlin – Project Manager of MegaXpress International Pte Ltd

There’s nothing to lose! Our exhibitions have been the playing grounds and battlefields of many successful business people and entrepreneurs like yourself. We are looking forward to having you in our exhibition and we wish to see you succeed like so many before you.Don’t need to consider. Now is the time to stamp that decision once and for all. Respond now to lock down the discount and the other entitlements that we can offer to you right now!

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