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Due to the overwhelming response from the last entrepreneurial workshop in the last 3 workshops that we had conducted, we will be organizing a follow-up workshop. The main objective is to encourage more budding Muslim entrepreneurs within our community to start-up their own businesses in whatever industry they are keen to explore and venture into.

Again, the long term projection is for the benefit of the local Muslim community as a whole. As there are many who have shown interest to penetrate the local HALAL market, we will be inviting 2 successful business owners and trainers within the Malay/Muslim market itself who will be sharing their experience and tips with the participants.

Other seminars invite speakers, we invite TRAINERS. That’s the difference: Speakers Just Speak While The Real Trainers Train!!

Our esteemed Trainers as stated below will touch on topics from each of their respective fields.

1) Topic 1: “Important Financial Strategies For Your Businesses ”
Speaker: Abang Abu,
Time: 10.45am – 1.00pm

– Abang Abu can be recognised as one of the pioneers in the industry as a well-established motivational speakers. He is a mentor of many entrepreneurs and business owners and a trainer himself, he has trained thousands of successful business owners, that had found his techniques and experience useful over the years.

Abang Abu is not only a familiar figure here in Singapore but a popular motivational speaker and trainer in Malaysia as well.

Abang Abu is not the type to hide his secrets in terms of tips. He is known to be very generous in his sharing of useful ideas. And if you are looking to learn the ways of doing business, then learn it from the best and Abang Abu is definitely among the best.

2) Topic 2: “Business Preparation For Ramadhan – Online & Offline”
Speaker: Mr Afif Mashkur, Owner & Director of Training Point
Time: 2.00pm – 5.00pm

– Mr Afif Mashkur is one of the talented and upcoming trainer here in Singapore. A certified hypnotist himself, he has utilised his knowledge in psychology and hypno-therapy to achieve unbelievable results in  the techniques of selling and marketing.

Selling has never been so easy in your business, provided you know the right secret and tips to apply. Mr Afif Mashkur implement his technique very well in this subject. Definitely an eye-opener and a brilliant technique to have if you are looking for success in your business. Mr Afif Mashkur will share these techniques with you and how you can use it well especially so in this period as Ramadhan is fast approaching and spending power of consumers is at its definite high.

3) ‘LIVE’ EXHIBITION Tour & Networking Session with exhibitors
Time: 5.00pm – 6.00pm

4) End of workshop – 6.00pm


What do you say if we throw in a FREE lunch for every participants? Will that be enticing enough for you to be there? And not only that, all the participants will be given an experience they will never forget. We will be conducting a ‘LIVE’ exhibition tour for all of you and networking sessions with some of the exhibitors themselves. You will see for yourselves how these exhibitors conducted their business in the exhibition itself, how their products are being display and what are the essential tools used by them in order to push their sales further. See, taste, hear, smell and experience it!

As they say, Knowledge is KEY! We believe that gaining of knowledge by listening is never enough, it is only completed when you experience it yourself. To learn something is to experience it, only then will you remember it throughout your journey as an entrepreneur.

At the end of day, we want you to leave the workshop full of fond memories and the inspiration to make a difference, not only for yourselves but for the betterment of the whole community that you represent.

We urge you to sign up and register with us NOW!! Each ticket is ONLY s$79.00!! Tickets are limited for 50 participants. Early registration would entitled you to a FREE Goodie Bag with goodies worth S$30.00.


Click on the link and get your tickets from Event Brite or contact us:

1) Mr Afif Mashkur, Training Point: 9188 2020

2) Mr Fadzlin, MegaXpress International Pte Ltd: 67411377

3) Mr Fazli, MY-SG Xperience / Xperience 365 : 8268 8507

Details of the venue are as follows:

VENUE: Opal Room, Level 1 Singapore Expo, Max Atria

TIME: 10.00AM – 6.00PM (Participants to report latest by 9.45AM)