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(Business Start-Off Platform)


A platform that entrepreneurs and business start-ups can utilise on as an ideal marketing tool so as to start off their business effectively.


What type of platform is BIZ-STOP offering?

Ans: As in a F1 racing, racers look forward to a series of PIT-STOPS which is crucial in the race. These PIT-STOPS are utilized by car drivers not only for the purpose of re-fuelling their cars, but to replace worn out parts and to re-plan their winning strategies. This concept of F1 racing can be integrated in the same concept of business. Entrepreneurs can utilize the concept of BIZ-STOP so as to re-plan and re-strategize their business model.


BIZ-STOP comprises of 3 platforms:

– Entrepreneurship Seminars & Business Workshops

– Marketing Portal (on-line marketing)

– Events, Exhibitions & Roadshows (off-line marketing)



– Entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend seminars and workshops designed to further spur their interest and entice them to take the first step into the world of business. This is through elimination of self-doubts and hesitation via motivational talks and encouraging testimonials by speakers who have themselves ride the tide of business start-up and entrepreneurship. Via these seminars and workshops, participants are also encouraged to consider the next 2 platforms as an essential part of their marketing tool.



– Facebook Marketing have been the mecca of 99% of business start-ups, preferring it as an ideal platform for them to start-off their business journey mainly due to its wide reach and no cost investment. However, they do not realize that a business website is as important but due to its high cost to start and maintain, many business start-ups preferred to KIV this as secondary.


A centralized main portal will keep the cost down and maintain by an admin. The portal can be linked to Facebook pages for certain promotions just like a website does. The portal too will have an online registration and purchasing function to facilitate the process of buying and selling.



– An ideal platform for any business owners to utilize on to conduct study and research as to how the response of a particular market is on their products or services first-hand. No other platforms can give you an accurate reading of such responses other than consumer events where dealings are made with the end user themselves. The entrepreneurs or business start-ups will be given an opportunity to showcase and expose their products and services in a small space at a very low and affordable cost. They will be allocated a pavilion with other similar entrepreneurs and business start-ups to eradicate self – fear and intimidation. It will facilitate more networking and instill confidence.


Space Size: 2m (depth) x 1m (width) + 1 table, 2 chairs.

Cost: $800.00 for 4 days



BIZ-STOP Pavilion





Biz Stop 2m x 1m Cubicle Sketch

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