The importance of seminars is that they serve as a means of communication or passing information to a group of people who seek to acquire a set of common experiences in particular fields. Seminars can also be used as an access arena to a social network where members can network and share their ideas on what they known.

After organizing exhibitions for the past 20 years, MegaXpress International Pte Ltd are venturing strongly to be the leading organizer of seminars or workshops here in Singapore. It is evidently crucial to provide our long-serving customers and clienteles with an overall holistic experience, apart from the exhibitions that we have been offering alone. Seminars and workshops will be an ideal platform for our customers to showcase their expertise and services where they will be invited as speakers to share their business experiences and products with the participants.

As a participant, you will find our seminars and workshops useful in obtaining relevant and useful informational tips to either start off a business or the other necessary training courses essential to be successful in the line of business. We look forward for you to join us in our first workshop. Click the link below and you will be directed to the page for your registration purposes.


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EVENT      : ENTREPRENEURSHIP – THE BUILDING BLOCKS PART 2 “All About A Successful Business Start-Up In The Wedding Industry”

DATE         : 3rd May 2014, Saturday

VENUE     : Conference Room G, in between Hall 2 & Hall 3, Singapore Expo

TIME         : 09.00AM – 5.00PM

TICKET    : S$30.00 per person

FREE         : Lunch included with a ‘LIVE’ exhibition tour and networking sessions with exhibitors.

Each participants will get a foodie bag with items and vouchers worth a total of S$30.00.

Kindly register your attendance at islamicevents.sg or www.megaxpress.com.