Want To Sell At Expo But Do Not Know How ?

Should You or Should You Not ?


Hi, my name is Fadzlin. I am from MegaXpress International Pte Ltd and we have been organizing numerous consumer exhibitions for more than 18 years now.

For the year 2017, we want to do more than just organizing consumer fairs. In fact, together with a few close partners, we want to create something different for the Malay/Muslim community.


Why Should You Participate In An Expo Fair ?


Expo Fair is a very powerful marketing medium. They bring together thousands of buyers and sellers in one place in a short space of time.

From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at an Expo Fair has hundreds of benefits for your business. To me, personally, below are the 3 BIGGEST benefits shared by me and my exhibitors.

– Establishing a presence for your business

– Powerful platform for meeting new and existing customers

– Testing for establishing your sales potential



For the first time ever, together with my partners,  we have devised a program for new exhibitors. This program, Fast & Fuyooh X, is designed to help, guide and prepare you for your FIRST expo participation. Not only that, this program will help to guide you in :-

  1. Defining the clarity and focus of your business.

  2. How branding and positioning plays a part in your business set up.

  3. Harnessing social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to generate leads and sales after expo event.


You will be prepared BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your expo participation.



With just ONE SPECIAL PRICING, you are expected to :-

  1. Attend a one day boot camp 2 weeks before the expo. The bootcamp has been set to be on the 12 November 2017.

  2. You will be provided a 2m x 2m booth space during our HALAL INTERNATIONAL 2017 exhibition from 23 – 26 November 2017 at S’pore Expo Hall 4.

  3. 1 week later after the exhibition, you will need to attend an After Action Review Session where, collectively, we will be looking into ways on how to make changes for improvement.



Throughout this journey, you will have access to our trainers. They are successful business owners in their own rights. They will be sharing their success journey and providing you a guidance so you can Minimize Losses and Maximize Gains. 

Yes, I will be sharing On The Floor Sales Strategies. All these sharing and teaching will be happening during the boot camp.



NO!  IT IS NOT $2700.00!

For ONE SPECIAL PRICING, you will get a boot camp, a booth and a review session. The pricing is NOT $2700.00. 

We are offering $1500.00 to you right now if you want to participate in this program and experience your first time participating in an expo fair.


YES!!! IT IS ONLY $1500.00

This pricing won’t stay for long. And, we will only reserve it for 20 applications



This offer, program and pricing, seems too good to be true to some. While others might say that I am creating a foul.

Truthfully, I am trying to help you, FIRST TIMERS. You may be putting off your intentions in participating an expo fair due to whatever reasons. I am lowering the entry barrier for you to fulfill your dreams and experience your first ever expo.

On top of that, I am adding in a boot camp and after action review session on top of your expo fair participation. All these great values for just one special price of $1500.00.  





I know some of you may have a lot of questions. No worries. You can forward all your questions to me via the link as above.