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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the chemistry behind a successful entrepreneurship. All it takes are lots of dedication, perseverance and the willingness to learn the trade. Easy said than done, it is therefore, imperative to start EARLY and to start RIGHT!!

We spur you to take up this challenge!  Join us in this workshop specially catered for those who wants to conquer the fear in taking the first step into the world of business. We are proud to present, for the first time ever! Eight speakers, each a specialist in their own field of expertise, will come together in this legion of leaders with more than seven years of experience in the corporate world. Every speakers will be speaking to you, showing you the rope, guiding you along each step of the road and presenting to you on the available options to take, ensuring that you get it RIGHT all the way!


Our distinguished speakers will touch on respective topics that they are familiar within their daily job scope.

1) Topic 1: “Registering Your Company – The Small Step Before The Huge Jump”

Speaker:  Mr Umar Munshi, Founding Director of Club Ethis

– Mr Umar Munshi has been involved in the development of the Malay Business Community in Singapore for a very long time. Often seen as a mentor for some business start-ups, he is equipped with the relevant understanding of how a business would and should be run. Also an experienced investor himself with a big pool of network partners in the financial aid department , no one else is better to connect the dots for you other than Mr Umar Munshi himself.


2) Topic 2: “Facebook Marketing –  The 1st Step Of A Successful Start-Up

Speaker: Mr Fadzuli Wahab, Founding Director at

– Mr Fadzuli Wahab has been such an often seen figure as an invited guest in many seminars that he is so synonymous with the Malay community as an expert in the field of online and social media marketing. An entrepreneur himself with many years of experience, he will share with you the importance of utilizing social media like Facebook and other online marketing media as a must-have tool for the many tech-savvy and modern businesses.


3) Topic 3: “Exhibition & Exposition – 3D Marketing Platform”

Speaker: Mr Fadzlin Yusof, MegaXpress International Pte Ltd

– Mr Fadzlin Yusof have been in the line of exhibition and event management with MegaXpress International Pte Ltd. He will share with you on why an exhibition is another important marketing aspect in the line of business and a stepping stone to leverage your products and services to greater heights, apart from the other 4 popular marketing medium. Unlike exhibitions of the past, current exhibitions have gone a long way in touching the different senses of both the exhibitors and visitors alike, making it the only 3D advertising platform available in the market right now.


4) Topic 4: “Insurance For Assurance”

Speaker: Mr Firdaus Anuar, AIA Insurance

– Mr Firdaus Anuar have been involved in the insurance industry for more than a decade with most of his clients consisting of many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs within the Malay Community. He will touch on the importance of insurance in a business set-up and why it is crucial to be ready and prepared. He will also touch on the Islamic aspect of insurance commitment and how getting the right business package will assist you in sustaining and growing your business further.


5) Topic 5: “HALAL Certification – A Necessity or Is It Necessary”‘

Speaker: Mr Zuraimi Jumaat, United World HALAL Development

– With many years of experience in MUIS and Warees Halal, Mr Zuraimi Jumaat have been an avid observer in the economic progress of the Malay community. Involved in many grassroots projects, Mr Zuraimi Jumaat is the ideal person to speak to you about the development of the HALAL industry here in Singapore and why the HALAL market still remain to be seen as an untapped goldmine with abundance of opportunities. Is it necessary for a Muslim-owned restaurant or retail food outlet to have a HALAL certification, when as a Muslim, the owner have ensured the usage of HALAL ingredients in all of their dishes? If this is one of the questions that have been bugging you for so long, then this will be the RIGHT time to get it sorted out.


6) Topic 6 : Starting A Syariah – Compliant Business : The Hadiths & The Sunnah

Speaker: Ustaz Herman Sudil, Director of Terapi Bil Quran

– Ustaz Herman Sudil have been such a powerful speaker that he had never failed to bring in huge draws of crowd for each & every of his talks at the Singapore Expo. This time around, he’s back to share with us some pointers in the Syariah when Rasullulah SAW encourages each & everyone from his Ummah to set up a business. He too will share with us on the benefits and  the profits in being as entrepreneur.


7) Topic 7 : “The Ups & Downs Of Business”

Speaker: Mr Hamzah Hj Abdullah, Managing Director of MegaXpress International Pte Ltd

– No one else is better equipped than Mr Hamzah Hj Abdulah himself when it comes to the bitter-sweet experiences in a business than his kindself. With more than 15 years of experience, Mr Hamzah will share with you his valuable and priceless experiences in handling the ups & downs of business which will simply blow your mind away. If wealth is only the by-product of doing business, he will share with you what his main objective of doing business really are, which will change your whole perspective and definition of the word “SUCCESS”. Definitely a sharing session that you would not want to miss out on! Not for anything else.


8) Topic 8: “The Appetizing Lure From Chef To Boss”

Speaker: Chef Amri, Head Chef and Owner of Le-Steak

– As part of the 2nd testimonial and motivational speech, Chef Amri will share his experience in opening up his first French Cuisine Restaurant and how he handles the successes and failures. He will share with you on why those who remained patience and exercise restrained would eventually be rewarded by The Almighty. His second restaurant, Le-Steak along Jalan Kayu have remained to be one of the many successful Muslim owned restaurant that offers the best steak cuts in town at super affordable prices. Want to know his secrets? Be there and he will share them with you and many more.



What do you say if we throw in a FREE lunch for every participants? Will that be enticing enough for you to be there? And not only that, all the participants will be given an experience they will never forget. We will be conducting  a ‘LIVE’ exhibition tour for all of you and networking sessions with some of the exhibitors themselves. You will see for yourselves how these exhibitors conducted their business in the exhibition itself, how their products are being display and what are the essential tools used by them in order to push their sales further. See, taste, hear, smell and experience it!

As they say, Knowledge is KEY! We believe that gaining of knowledge by listening is never enough, it is only completed when you experience it yourself. To learn something is to experience it, only then will you remember it throughout your journey as an entrepreneur.

At the end of day, we want you to leave the workshop full of fond memories and the inspiration to make a difference, not only for yourselves but for the betterment of the whole community that you represent.

We urge you to sign up and register with us NOW!! Each ticket is ONLY s$25.00!! Tickets are limited for 50 participants. Registration before the 14th March will entitled you to a FREE Foodie Bag with goodies worth S$30.00.



Click on the link and get your tickets from  and we will see you there.

Details of the venue are as follows:

VENUE: Conference Room G, Level 1 Singapore Expo in between Hall 2 and Hall 3

TIME: 9.00AM – 5.00PM (Participants to report latest by 8.45AM)

DATE: 22nd March 2014, Saturday